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You will be able to purchase a ticket for 5€ that will give you a chance to win one of the many prizes. All the benefits will be given to the charity jackpot!
  • With Helloasso take your tickets by credit card (unlimited quantity)
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For our charity event, we are auctioning off 5 exceptional jerseys! The money raised will be added to the overall jackpot!


After the success of our Icy Veins Masters Clash Championship 2021, we are back to introduce a new tournament to you: Masters Clash Beyond!

The Masters Clash Beyond will take place on the 16th and 17th of October 2021. It is a special tournament for different reasons. It's our first charity event. All the funds collected will be redistributed to the French association Oasis du Val d'Europe.

A raffle is organised and there will be many prizes for you to win. Challenge your luck by buying one raffle ticket, or increase it by buying several!

The MCB will be broadcasted on French TV, so we count on you to show all the strength of our wonderful community! For the players and the viewers, a special show is awaiting! The players will battle only on the following maps: Blackheart's Bay, Braxis Holdout, Hanamura Temple, Warhead Junction and Garden of Terror 😎

Many epic moments to be expected for sure!

A cash prize of 1000€ will be available for the players.